Baghouse Cages & Accessories

AFF offers a wide range of baghouse accessories to fit most OEM dust collectors.  Including cages, hangars, diaphragms and dust explosion/spark detection.  With our years of expertise, we can recommend the right accessories to fit your needs.


AFF offers a complete range of cages to fit nearly any manufacturer’s dust collector.  The most popular cages are constructed of 11-gauge galvanized wire using a 12 vertical wire design, which extends dust collector bag life by providing extra support.  Also available are special venturi/cage assemblies as well as 304 and 316 stainless steel and epoxy coated cages designed to meet the most demanding applications.



Pulse-jet cleaning bag filter system utilizes diaphragm valves to pass compressed air from the air supply lines and manifold into the blow pipe within the bag filter.  These diaphragm valves are usually actuated with electrically operated pilot solenoids.

D-Caps /Hangers

AFF offers replacement caps/hangers to fit most OEM shaker style dust collectors.  Replacing old, worn down or broken hanger assemblies in shaker dust collectors can extend the life of your filter bags as well as help improve the cleaning performance.


Dust Explosion/Spark Detection

AFF offers spark detection systems that are primarily used as a fire prevention method in dust collectors, mechanical and pneumatic conveying systems by detecting and extinguishing sparks and embers.

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