Food Processing Filters

AFF began making filter bags and transfer sleeves to use on its sister company’s sifter nearly 20 years ago. Today we manufacture a wide range of filters, screens, connectors and custom products used in all types of food processing.

With many FDA approved fabrics, including anti-static and PTFE membrane to select from we can manufacture everything from a single breather bag over a mixer to silo covers and baghouse bags. We can often help you improve the performance of your breather bags by selecting a superior material and adding special features to your bags such as hanging loops, clamp slits, skirts, and wear patches.

In addition to breather bags, AFF manufactures custom fabric and rubber sleeves used to connect two pieces of process equipment together. There are numerous FDA approved medias and many design options available to customize your connector to your needs.

AFF started as a sifter manufacturer and has expanded the screening line to include replacement screens for almost any unit on the market. With a wide range of nylon, polyester and magnetic stainless steel, AFF can help you replace your OEM screen with a high performance substitute.

AFF also manufactures numerous custom products that are used throughout food processing plants. These include covers, conveyor catch cloths, curtains, fabric ducts, magnetic gaskets and fan covers. We can also work with you on a custom solution for a special project.

You can always turn to AFF for help with your filtration, screening, connectors and custom product needs.

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