Cartridge Filters

AFF offers replacement cartridge filter elements for baghouses and dust collectors. AFF’s replacement cartridges fit most OEM units and are manufactured to the OEM specifications or higher from quality components to provide top performance. We can cross-reference virtually any product or modify a design to solve specific problems. Cartridge filters provide a very large filter surface area within a compact package and are especially effective in air filtration applications with confined space.

Intake Filters

Blowers and compressors are built with very tight tolerances between the inner workings of the machines. Wear and tear on these components decreases their efficiency and ends up affecting the operation of their systems. To protect these inner components American Fabric Filter offers several types of Intake Air Filters.





AFF Pleated filter’s are designed to replace traditional filter bag/cage configurations in pulse cleaning dust collection systems. Pleated filters can offer 2~3 times the filter area than a standard filter bag. Another benefit is that the pleated bags are shorter than the typical filter bag which means you will use less air when pulsing the filters. We offer many different options in regards to media, pleat count & construction to suit your specific application.


Turbine Filters

AFF offers high efficient intake filters that are utilized in industrial rotating equipment, such as gas turbines & centrifugal compressors.




AFF manufactures custom designed cartridge overbags which; help prevent dust from bridging across the filter pleats.