Woodworkers require a highly effective dust management system.  You hope your dust collector provides maximum vacuum to gather up everything from large chips to fine sanding dust, with maximum filtration to return clean air back to the environment.

While all dust collectors do something, many do neither of the above very well.

American fabric filter co. has spent nearly 20 years designing and fabricating optimized custom dust bags and sleeves to go on collectors ranging from 1/3 HP drum top hobbyist units to 100+ HP factory bag house systems. We talk to every customer to determine what equipment, plenums, etc. they have, how it fits in their workspace and their specific filtration needs. We make recommendations and mutually determine what to make.

A small collector’s performance can improve dramatically with increased filter area. Hobbyists may only require a slightly larger, light duty filter. Commercial shops need larger filters with thicker fabrics. Optionally, we make these with hanging loops, inlets for any size, shape or location, skirts, belt loops and many more add-ins. Sometimes we need to add extra “sister” bags to get the proper airflow without back pressure.

If you need replacement filters for your air cleaners we are your one stop shop. We have OEM replacements for most units on the market and stock many different types. We also offer filters for your paint booths.

Baghouse systems benefit from replacement dust bags or sleeves made with new fabrics engineered to pass more air while blocking fine dust. We also offer a wide variety of baghouse components including cages, hangers and solenoids to help keep your system running at peak performance. We can also help you with dust explosion protection to help bring you up to code.

American Fabric Filter Co. also manufactures custom covers for equipment, curtain walls to separate work space and fabric ducts for dissipating clean air back into your shop.

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