Baghouses are air pollution control devices that remove particulates out of a gas stream released from an industrial process or combustion related to the generating of electricity. Although there are only three basic types of baghouses – shaker, pulse and reverse air, there are hundreds of different styles of filters that go into the systems. At American Fabric Filter Company we understand that a baghouse system works only as well as its filter performs. Filters require regular cleaning and periodic replacement to maintain peak performance and baghouse performance depends on an exact fit of the replacement filters to function properly. Let American Fabric Filter help you optimize the performance of your baghouse.

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Filter Bags

We manufacture all styles of replacement baghouse filter bags from a selection of fabrics suited to address specific applications. Our scrim supported felts offer added strength and durability so our filters can withstand abrasive dust and frequent cleaning cycles while extending the life of the bag, providing fine particle separation and excellent dust release properties. At AFF, we can cross-reference most filters or duplicate your sample to provide an exact match. We can also help you identify issues with your current filter media and help select a media that will improve performance. Baghouse filters come in various shapes and sizes that differ from manufacturer to manufacturer and even model to model. Shaker bags collect dust on the inside and are usually attached with a hook or strap at the closed end. Pulse jet filters usually go over a cage assembly that is installed from the top side or underside of the tube sheet. Reverse air bags collect the dust on the inside of the filter. The bags are open at the bottom and are connected to a tube sheet. They are supported from the top closed end via a spring or J-bolt suspension system. The filters have spreader rings sewn down the length to keep them from collapsing when the gas flow is reversed to clean the filters.

Key Features & Advantages

  • OEM Fit
  • Specialty Fabrics & Treatments
  • Improved Plant Safety
  • Cleaner Air in Shop
  • Increased Machine Efficiency


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Pleated Bag

Pleated Bag

Pleated filters are designed to replace traditional filter bag/cage configurations in pulse cleaning dust collection systems. Pleated filters can offer 2~3 times the filter area compared to a standard filter bag. Another benefit is that the pleated bags are shorter than the typical filter bag which means you will use less air when pulsing the filters and gives the baghouse a larger “drop box” for the material to fall out of the air stream prior to hitting the filters. We offer many different options in regards to media, pleat count & construction to suit your specific application. AFF can also help with a filter bag to pleated bag conversion.

Key Features & Advantages

  • More filter surface area compared to OEM filter bag
  • Fits most OEM style Pulse-Jet baghouses
  • Up to 2-3 times the life compared to filter bags
  • Specialty fabrics & treatments
  • Efficiencies up to 99.99%
  • Top & bottom load design
  • Easy installation
  • Cost effective
Baghouse Accessories

Baghouse Accessories

Baghouse accessories are often overlooked but can be as important as the filters themselves when keeping the baghouse in good working condition. These include but are not limited to cages, pulse jets, timing boards, hose clamps, hanger bolts, venturis and much more. We manufacture a wide range of cages to fit most pulse jet style baghouses and can make them to OEM specs or improve upon them when necessary. Cleaning systems are extremely important in all types of baghouses and are critical for the proper operation of your baghouse. We are partnered with Goyen Valves and can help repair or replace any defective or broken cleaning systems on pulse jet style collectors. If you suspect your baghouse is leaking, we can help you find the dust leak with fluorescent powders and special lights. We also carry a the best pre-coat available to help you get the most out of your filters prior to startup.

Key Features & Advantages

  • Keeps your baghouse in the best working conditions
  • Stop blow by and leaks
  • Maximizes the performance of the collector
  • Helps keep filters from wearing prematurely
  • Improves dust cake release



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