American Fabric Filter manufactures standard and custom filters for botanical extractions including CBD and THC.

All our fabrics are FDA approved for use on food products. AFF has specialized in the food processing and pharmaceutical industry for 20 years and can get you the correct filters for any application. If your extractions are used in edibles, tinctures, topicals, or other items used for consumption they need to be extracted using good manufacturing principles and FDA-approved materials.

CBD Mesh Filter

Botanical Extraction Filters

We can manufacture bags for any OEM on the market and make custom bags for custom units. We carry a wide range of nylon monofilament fabric, micron rated polyester filtration fabrics, micron rated polypropylene filter fabrics. These bags are typically found in extraction columns, centrifuges, presses and other pieces of equipment that do the initial extraction.

  • Filter bags for alcohol, co2 and butane style extraction bags for the raw material
  • Nylon Monofilament in various micron ranges
  • Polyester felt bags in various micron ranges
  • Polypropylene felt bags in various micron ranges
  • Other types of liquid filter medias for specialty extractions

Post Extraction Filtration

Filters for post extraction filtration including bags for initial filtration, 98% absolute filter cartridges for finer filtration and carbon filters to eliminate other unwanted compounds. We sell lenticular filters, filter press panels and other filters used in larger systems.

AFF is also the leading provider of housings for botanical extraction filters including bag filters, cartridge filters, lenticular filters and filter presses.

  • Micron rated filter bags for clarification
  • 98% absolute filtration cartridges for clarification after winterizing
  • Lenticular filters for clarification
Filters for the weed industry