Custom Dust Bag


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  • 16oz Polyester Felt Singed inside
  • Disc closed top with hanging loop
  • Plain edge at open end
  • Optimized Performance
  • Cleaner Air
  • 1-micron filtration
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Many factors affect the performance of your shop’s dust collection system. They include horsepower of the motor, fan design, duct lengths, branches and bends, collection containers, and air filtration bags. Of all these items, replacing original woven cloth bags with new felt bags is by far the most immediate and cost-effective way to improve system performance as well as workshop air cleanliness.

The size of the breather bag is critical to your dust collector’s performance. In an undersized bag (or typical OEM bag) the greater air pressure forces fine dust to penetrate the fabric’s fibers causing “blinding” and preventing the free passage of air. In an optimized filter, however, the dust-laden air escapes over a sufficiently large surface area, allowing the dust to enter, slow down, and fall, rather than being driven into the fabric. We recommend utilizing all the space you have available above the collector so pick the bag that best fits your system and celling height.

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